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tv   RT News  PBS  March 4, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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you knew you. for the use of milk three four tsp. there's no need for that at the moment. i like this as deploying troops in crimea will be a last resort and will only happen on a legitimate basis. he also added that mosque is concerned by neo nationalist gain power in ukraine. and russia's envoy to the un rebuffed criticism of russia's stance on ukraine citing a letter from mouse to present our cottage asking moscow's help to restore warrior. under the influence of western countries that are open to that end in violence
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including postage if one was the seat for political reasons. this is no rush of water due to increased use of militant forces of the russian federation restore law and order stability and protection of the day. also afghan president as people of ghana stand on end a war that was and they are planning to washington's involvement in this country as the clock ticks toward the u s troop withdrawal. mosque in how you watching rt international with me rated action. a present with us as there's no need to use russian military force in ukraine. he however stressed that mosque is deeply concerned by the rise of neo nationalist groups in the country and get more now on this from the marina costume. marine up quite a detailed statement from
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the russian president there on the crisis in ukraine due to house more. absolutely appalled by their fruits in every answer a simple russia has been saying from day one no one since the setting sun in the war would be great for taking all four consecutive region for that matter and also moscow's military drills making headlines around the world are nothing more than western media might the report notes for the use of milk three fourths there's no need for that at the moment and the military drills that took place recently have nothing to do with the situation in ukraine we have this option but it is an extreme measure house for the legitimacy of the president get a call that request and russia to use military force to protect the lives and wellbeing of ukrainians. the nationalists and ukraine or empowered after victory on the call that gave into the demands all the off position and signed up for pretty much
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everything that they were looking to achieve the ends to win so he gave them a free upgrade to all of the country and under the circumstances by wilkinson said that it's understandable why the ousted leader and capsicum back in russia support in the fridge but kiki fifteen which is practically given up his power. it was real until the mandatory opposition snap presidential and parliamentary elections but he agreed to return in two thousand for constitutional suitable to kick cold towel and western request not to use force when he hasn't issued any illegal order. you know there are still many nationalist and radical extremists that are rampant on the street to the ukraine when we see these scenes we understand why people in the east and south of ukraine are so worried. but many of these neon that's when i saw criminals and all former prisoners and that they are quite dangerous and in people's lives at risk and that's why they're here for
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their safety. now that it's storming government buildings and also to write in a people that don't agree with their ideas and this is something that no one and no country can afford to ignore. choose a particular the lid open eu ukraine is in chaos right now and it's not the first time our western partners are missing with this country sometimes i get the feeling that across the ocean in america their assigned to sitting in a lab experimenting with people as if the word guinea pigs without realizing the consequences of their actions is which. some of the western world seems to be so preoccupied with making rock that looked like an aggressor perhaps when they showed me the can that is out who's really in charge in ukraine right now as i can look up their actions and their works. civilians during the fight scenes. i worry to much for bringing us
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a nearly three tapas are some of the highlights and president with this statement during qt with journalists there. while a layer from friends and our cottage to moscow where he appealed for help to restore order was read to the us. the council brushes and where was the revolting criticism of moscow's role in the crisis an emergency meeting israel for guys in your forest has more. for the un security council met for the third time since friday to discuss the crisis in ukraine russian masters the land of high church and told security council members that moscow's actions in recent days are fully appropriate and that legitimate mr sharkey said that ukraine is ousted leader viktor yanukovich sent a letter previously t allow president biden airport and requesting that he used the russian military to restore law and order in ukraine ambassador check and says that despite the fact a chemical that was forcefully ousted from power. moscow
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believes that he remains the legitimate president of ukraine at this moment now the russian envoy held up a photocopy i've yet to prove its letter guide to all security council members and even a red parts of what was written. she a machine you begin to clean the teeth that is including received the following winter coat as a few korean victory on a cool bridge. i am quilting has legitimately elected president of ukraine high stakes of his hands on minds on what is unlawful seizure of power in tafe to lead ukraine to the brink of civil war. countries in heels the life that you do in the race critically in the st east. when beckoned us under the influence of western countries that are open on terror and violence. angels pitcher for the line was the seat of a political one semester has begun and i and this isn't a rush of blood mucus and that includes
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the use of militant forces off the russian federation it was too low when peace was to order stability and protection for people to read it again in court. the first of march report says new fourteen. yes it sure can also told security council members that while ultra nationalists i've continued to threaten the lives of ethnic russians in ukraine he said. there's also information of provocation being prepared against the russian black sea fleet which is in place for many years based on agreements out with ukraine. yet while many western envoys to the security council defended ukraine's new government to add dried democratic and the kitten and investor trekking questions how would the us would react if a radical subjected a local official to a so called kangaroo courts and events that took place in ukraine and not so long ago the minister to lose. that was the one hand it means brody was gone. from coast to school in the current smoking is this democracy is this normal political process
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the seats in chicago for example the kind they are and how the conflict in ukraine hi if it escalates fourteen feet deep in spain. tensions continue rising. i thought we probably will see the security council me once again to disguise that discusses the people in crisis. on all the media hype surrounding events in ukraine some outlets have even a report the victory of the cottage is dad. i actually caught up with a man has him tied to the ousted president susan currently in russia and he dismissed the information as completely false. in the midst of storm of the several hours ago my telephone rang it was the story in newport beach he asked me if i recognize him by the voice. she was a multiple mark twain once said that rumors of his death would greatly exaggerated while many media outlets are also sounding the alarm over russian intervention in the ukraine despite a no decision to send reinforcements to crimea with headlines claiming that thousands of russian troops
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are flying the crimean peninsula or even saying russia has taken over the region. at this hour. it appears russian military forces are crossing the border into neighboring ukraine and russia is animal in pain it's a russian military helicopters and planes air intake in ukraine the russians have already flown in forces into with the crimean into southern ukraine. i spoke about said this in media frenzy when international affairs expert martial both a blessing growing up this picture comes from cnn's report and ear cleaning doubt these are russian tanks there in ukraine despite official denials of this report. how can you come in on this one again. well of course these things that we see there are not in some basketball in the ukraine where they actually are taking place is in russian military exercises inside of russia. thousands and thousands of miles away from where that this cnn
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report claims that they have this type of thing is not unusual we've seen it across the media and the last few years that it began with regards to russia but the fact that it is cnn is particularly love and to start. while washington is preparing possible sanctions against russia now with president obama claimed his actions in ukraine violate international law center is the john kerry is heading to kyiv to support the new years there after accusing moscow of an incredible act of aggression and didn't see him on a trumped up pretext. well of the targeted countries which have been subject to a merry cans of bombings and interventions over the decades and critics have accused john kerry of hypocrisy referring to the victims of the us led invasions of a number of countries. the situation in ukraine and the diplomatic ground surrounding the crisis there was no talk the german journalist my locks and writer who's been axed extensively covering the story. mr eisner i
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remembered much for joining us here is the international sale of what was your reaction to carry it carries harsh words that are for russia well i think it gets worse. it's really interesting talk of all the contents also a that kerry's speech because that maybe kerry is one of the episcopate the professional liars in the west that state secretary of the us we have to remember what he was telling adults theory and the house that he was one of the oldest more moments when it came to syria from now he gets this function when it goes against russia. diversity is not talking about the content of his works. got to see that this is the part of the chai and media propaganda war against russia. particulary against preparing for my aunt against the russians in the ukraine. so this is really from a peak and at
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what carried us in and says so he is somehow like a pop star of this propaganda show against russia and the speech that experience. well in a line of what president clinton said today in a skin and with that journalists to specifically that the russia is not planning out military action. i do think though washington is likely to change its stance no i don't think so because the propaganda war is for a leader cannot stop this beauty on this huge media propaganda bed before this misses the boat dock was noticing that that the idea of all the russian tanks crossing the border to ukraine on on invading crime yet so we have many many many all for the worst nights right now a circle a teenager you cannot simply stop them a really disturbing fact is that the listener young guys right now that influenced the thinking and the decisions of
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the responsible politicians in the west this will again this is nick's on who we know already from syria that shmuel morris been circulating and politicians to make the science of positions on the basis of films for morris and this is also quite dangerous and washington will not change anything i would bet that christina had fun. once in a russian president also stressed that top leaders of ukraine have grabbed power in legally by the us on the western governments seem to disagree why anything that is. well we have to understand that this whole ukrainian cossack this multiple chemo chrissy. it's not the fault when the guards its multiple creamy notes and its multiple political parties it's a skewer the geopolitical conflict what means. if somebody sizes color in them eat away at his pro western the western states will expect with this they would appreciate it it's the same thing happens in the other direction the western states will. it
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starts reckoning with the immediate area to mention freaks out but still it's a pilot where is the position of this so called new government if this ratio has put regime we have to stay as long as three she was purely on the western sides and tops the west for support. with an appeal which this regime as a new government. i do not like the writer think to much for sharing your views with us here ninety the national the wind if the situation in ukraine after the shore break including the country's military east which assigns thousand are falling unit of study a navy commander pledging allegiance to the people in crimea. off eye. the two language. news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cold here on up
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to the report and we'llal to the vip into today. loyalty card for no more visit our big old auntie don't call with. the i know what you heard the international negotiators from the international monetary fund are in ukraine as a country seeks alone to save its failing economy the cream self acclaimed authorities and he gets a b or carry out all reforms demanded by the international and errors. what they can prove very unpopular as you're likely use these social programs and government spending cuts. man there is also including forty percent increase in gas carriers for households and the ukraine hopes to get fifteen billion dollars in aid by any means twice as much by the end of next year to keep the economy going while the country's foreign
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debt stands at one hundred and forty billion us dollars and those who have risen to power in the back of them once on the pricing seem to be worlds apart from economic hardships racking ukraine artist the oliver explains the u s through the elected government. no the people of kenya's independence to a message to lose would lead the country. we have together together all these oligarchs and put the storm and a dozen foreign accounts and ukraine are conscious of money but solar houses in the course until we can put into national and two of the latest names to take over key roles in ukraine are also among the richest in the country the goal is the institute's out and to be appointed the deal resulting in a cool to cold skin on its regions respectively. cullen was key is the third richest man in ukraine with a fortune estimated at a cool two point four billion dollars while
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the root of this will be worth around two billion. but other members of the poem in its appointed authorities in kiev. the people that he stricken. the snow going by the prophecy portfolios. this is the key of hole with interim prime minister. our senior is the new. it's one of the more modest dwellings belonging to members of the interim government that some of ukraine's new leadership with far more opulent lifestyles. when you tighten your book was supposed to live in the one hundred square feet or apartments. however if the no of the residents could recall ever having seen him ukrainian journalists discovers he was actually living in a mansion surrounded by high walls. and as the country gears up for elections. businesses says that the potential presidential candidates to come under the microscope although prime minister yulia tymoshenko is the proud owner of a series of black
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cherry homes including one in the exclusive village of silk that day which boasts a private beach and moorings for y'all. locate the bush and his multimillion dollar country trial has more than the middle of the white house about six. many of those on independence square. too many presidential hopefuls being too close to too much of the country's cash for far too long the film with those i want to see professional oligarchs running the country they've all been iran the power for a long time. i want to see new faces each a real specialist. despite the calls for an end to the reign of the oligarchs from protest is. it seems the old ladies vying for power in kiev come straight home to ukraine's financial elites control of an aunty kiev. a lunch party for any military are defined in newly issued in kiev three air defence regiment are the latest to pledge the religion's to the people
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in crimea more than five thousand troops have switched sides including the country's navy commander and along with the military said. arms to protect the errol and thirty three financial reports my knee and he's on the defensive. many decent honest republicans southern ukraine took the lead to demands by ethnic russians here's what's happening yet its quiet way of life. if you want peace prepare for war. this is the crying meander on to roads connecting the peninsula to the mainland here and here this is one of them. sandra is that local state and the content into a soul undesirable forces from the north. and this is why they're here. the fear that ukrainian fascists the country's ultra nationalists writes that the group helped topple president unocal beach. now many crimean so worried that such meticulous want to come
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in and can pandora's box what you will. we want peace in our country. what was happening to you if you don't want you to be with more cocktail or shown to me. this is a tranquil area in your sixties km away. now usually sleepy countryside is readying itself as a phone line. what miracles are preparing to become sponsors it was to fill him in the long war that could have been snow in alaska slick in spots but it could be the one to coexist peacefully. we are ready but apparently they don't they started its not cos sentimental and teams stand shoulder to shoulder with professional officers including members of the special police units which was disbanded by the end. their mission is to lead an anti terror operation reports that welcomes dollars had been seized in western ukraine. among the reasons why the controls are necessary. you can do to
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stop the trial hearing explosives for the mining industry. at least this is what the papers were saying what we can be sure what it would be used for and where it would go if we didn't send it back. it will close on scene change. mom told her hands and pulled in almost every single new trick on thinking the spot to the world for the non six centuries. now the hero again the coal mine these self defense forces between the ukrainian dmitri stationed on the select close to join. he was declared blog a blog where it is to ration of everyone to post it here against nazism. the acronym notes re listen to us. many of them have consciously sworn an oath to land near the on sunday. the chief of ukraine's the evil forces that point it is today. by the end to government in kiev his allegiance to the crimean people. while in central ukraine. members of one special forces apparently refuse to carry out orders
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from kiev to attack crimean self defense units. if they refuse because we are one country and one nation. who do these new rulers think they are. and the locals it looks increasingly like the home front as they get unfolds trying to help they need weeding can. for now they're preparing for war would that be do not want to love hunting for peace that the team. married to a county from crimea ukraine. adeline for you right now the us government may require phone companies to spot and americans. they don't want to pay too much for your services. full story on the telecom giants that under fire for allegedly overcharging this point agency. on our t dot com also their mysterious illness which causes the only line for alice's indian children was california medics on high alert with cases reported over the last year and half more details are just a click away
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the word again as he was a letter in the interest of the people they are in an interview kerry washington post the afghan president spoke out only about the amount of civilian casualties team during the war but about those who must be held responsible for the kiwi tara locals have to live with it as us troops brace themselves for the pullout deadlines. many are hearing local forces will not be able to keep a resurgent time by midday like michael scott spoke with our tees. this account of this in applying of afghans first camp. to really focus alot on the issues casualty is sam really. st the baptist them into civilian casualties the consent of the sun's heat dissipated his country's cooperation and partnership with the united states really not holding back. in any punches in terms of this criticism to play a sound bite out of an example the american president has that been no hit for aniston so it's not american collection for afghanistan or
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american resorts is spent on afghanistan. if you go to president obama's speeches he repeatedly says he's hit for the sake of american interests for the safety of america for the security of america. the day here in afghanistan helping afghanistan in order to help america. careful it's not for us is for a cause that america holds dear. best buy at the same time one of the most surprising things i discovered when speaking to people there. i guess folks are actually quite nervous about the americans pulling out what they are not thankful for for that amount has happened on the court on the grounds nobody of course wanted the war nobody was happy with the weight that the occupation in case it turned out they were also quite fearful that the country wouldn't be able to stand on its own two feet once the americans to its release has been costly in terms of what finances on and on a sunny most of country of the american dynasty was thinking behind it as a difficult situation on one hand yes the americans to succeed and costing be talabani regime we've had some small steps of progress
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for example if the sun does have a very vibrant and thriving independent media there's been a lot of setbacks for every step forward it seems like they're spending on quite a few setbacks of one of the biggest things actually is in terms of the casualties issue and because i am didn't really get out at the real problem comes when the united nations when he wasn't afghan civilians were killed in twenty thirty in just three percent of that time was at the hands of international military forces by and large seventy five percent of those deaths and injuries were at the hands of talabani. so we really do see that olive on making gains in certain areas security not at all guaranteed to be very unclear how the elections are to be able to perceive him like that. he also happens on the issue of award dependent economy afghanistan cannot survive without international aid. most of its revenues come from either it or the underground drug smuggling industry and so what kind of a country the americans leave behind in light of those
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developments it's really like her. tune in. i think to international audiences are all interested in this isn't the same way that american audiences are and they're interested in you know in america mrs they're also interested in this is from other countries because that again they're interested in the genre itself in the format in the way that that format this kind of existential and answers questions about good and evil and crime and punishment. and so therefore its worldwide. i like about it it's the mysteries is that. not only are you. what changed the crime drama. but you also just alerted. you know about
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the closure of the land to barbie and you get from there with bergen norway. through this through the acts for the londoners you get. you know and ideals what's all this means light of the lenders because they're the set in sweden. and of the main character is said that was to watch his excellent. and we like police procedural. you would want his life but you're one of wannabe in sweden after two seasons. i think scandinavia manager has sadly become much better than it was previously i think pak us and uk have been awakened to a just a question and that to prevent the reading great books for years i think just the combination of pop culture and good writing that the state lacks the phenomenon was has brought some attention we tried lots of fun though we like it was the lightness of plots that were to swim in the humor and the fact that andrea kelly areas very much involved in this grid. so it
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get it through the books and great fun with our best to address one of the folks that brought back from him. and lo behold a few weeks later i noticed that you are broadcasting the show really enjoyed the guys wonderful there exists a look at it and it's very very good after i ate i really like the longer series but high time to qualify that because of what some of the irene us and she is good and that is really going to take off. it begins with irene and doing the karate kicks. you're really taken to wish you what she's doing you see she's a strong lady. then you see her with her family. absolutely fascinating family. i think women are going to be perfectly attractive sight read. so whereas i saw longer for us on. she may end up being my fav. the very pleased that though. within
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today research makes the network. roo and new moon the fan. the news. stand up between ukraine and russia continued through the night as the reporting deadline for ukrainian soldiers to surrender passed without serious incident. western media on a march third had reported that russia's black sea fleet told ukrainian forces in crimea to surrender by five am on march quarter or face a military assault thousands of russian troops invaded the peninsula late last month after former president viktor yanukovich fled to russia. us secretary of state